Living Lab Agrifood Technology improves the processes that are used to get your food ‘from field to fork’. We collaborate with farmers, horticulturalists, contractors, technology and food company representatives and scientists to develop, test and evaluate sustainable technology. Moreover, we put these ideas to the test through the use of customized infrastructure and with the required expertise. Above all else, we ensure that our state-of-the-art knowledge is clearly communicated to all players in the Flemish agrifood network via workshops, seminars, demo’s, our social media profile (Twitter), our newsletter and this website, where people can reach out to us and ask for advice anytime.

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Living lab Agrifood Technology is created by and for you. If you have any questions about precision technology, if you happen to have an ingenious idea yourself or if you are interested in collaborating with Agrifood Technology, please feel free to contact us.

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Disease and weed detection and control using cameras and AI (Artifical intelligence)

Can cameras on sprayer booms and drones combined with AI accurately detect and control disease and weed in the field? Find out on this page about our project that tests this technology on maize and potato crops in collaboration with technology manufacturers and competence centers.
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Robots for small-scale (organic) agriculture

Robots are ideal for repetitivve and labor-intensive tasks. Moreover, small-scale organic agriculture provides lots of opportunities for the implementation of such (semi-) autonomous robots in the work process. This project's aim is to develop a multifunctional robot prototype with specialized implements in co-creation with farmers and mechatronics companies.
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