General Spectral measuring methods for fresh meat

Spectrale meetmethoden getest voor vers vlees

In addition to conventional measuring methods that determine one parameter per analysis, demand is growing for rapid detection methods that can be applied on the production line. Within the framework of the VLAIO Vlevavlees project, a number of methods were tested for their applicability at the slaughter line or during cutting. Using spectrometers or hyperspectral cameras, quality parameters of food products can be estimated at/inline in a non-contact, non-destructive, automatic way. In this project, the feasibility of this technology for objective determination of quality parameters of pork meat (Latissimus Dorsi) is investigated.

Results showed that hyperspectral methods offered potential for determining color, pH, intramuscular fat content and, to a lesser extent, drip loss, but much less for determining cooking loss and sensory scores. Since the meat involved was intact, not ground, camera images gave better results than point measurements. But point measurements proved easier to apply in industrial conditions and more robust under varying lighting.

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