As a living lab, we stand out because of our approach. In order to strive for practice-relevant solutions, we use a cycle of design, prototype construction and practical testing, which is often repeated several times. Demonstrations also play a role here. Relevant users, technology providers, knowledge institutions and practice centers are involved in this development process wherever possible.

Living Lab Approach

Through interaction with industry stakeholders, we capture challenges or questions from the field. In the development process that follows, we believe in the added value of co-creation. Cooperation between different players in the sector leads to interesting exchanges of knowledge and experience, and the construction of prototypes that are then tested and fine-tuned in practice.


Collaborations start with an informal meeting. In this meeting, the question is analyzed, and we look in which direction a solution can be sought. It is often useful to contact our network of end users, technology providers, knowledge institutes and practice centers for this purpose. A project goes through various cycles of design, prototype construction and practical testing on or in our trial fields, greenhouses, stables and pilot food processing plant.

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Simon Cool

Coordinator, Living Lab Agrifood Technology