General 28/01/2022


Drone 5G
This project combines the potential of artificial intelligence with the use of camera technology for site-specific weed detection.
General 27/01/2022


CIMAT robot
Within this project, a prototype of a robot and corresponding implements will be developed in co-creation with farmers and mechatronics companies.
General 27/01/2022

Spectral measuring methods for fresh meat

The demand for rapid detection methods that can be applied on the production line is growing fast. In the framework of the VLAIO Vlevavlees project, some methods were tested for their applicability at...
General 27/01/2022

Living Lab Agrifood 4.0

Food pilot demo
Vision inspection (RGB, multispectral, hyperspectral) can be used to automate processes or quality control or to improve traceability.