This Living Lab focuses on the following three branches of farming: arable farming, horticulture and animal husbandry. We also have expertise in the food processing sector. We always put the end user first, that is either the farmer or the food company. 

ILVO   The Living Lab is part of the ILVO organisation, which means that we can count on the advanced and multidisciplinary knowledge of over 600 employees with expertise in agriculture and food science. Subsequently, the extensive ILVO infrastructure is also available to us. It encompasses over 200 hectares of fields, 15.000 square meters of greenhouses and 20.000 square meters of stables used for trial runs, a workshop for prototype building, over 40 accredited labs and the Food Pilot. 

NetwerkMoreover, we also have our vast nerwork of stakeholders who are part of the agrifood sector and with whom we work closely to create: research and practice centers, digital innovation hubs such as Smart Digital Farming and Flanders Food, technology companies, the supply industry, consultants and the government. Of course, we also value the tacit knowledge of the end users, who often have a good understanding of how the product should and can perform better in practice. 


Under the heading of precision farming, we include both vegetable (Precision Crop Farming) and animal (Precision Livestock Farming) farming. Because our Living Lab connects diverse data from various disciplines and parts of the food production process, we see a lot of potential for the future of farmers, companies and consumers. To do this the right way, big data and the general evolution towards IoT (Internet of Things) will be crucial factors.