ILVO's Living Lab Agrifood Technology helps companies and sectors make their agri-food processes more efficient and sustainable through mechanization and digitization.

As a living lab, we stand out because of our approach. We strive for practice-relevant solutions and therefore use a cycle of design, prototype construction and practical testing, which is often repeated. Relevant users, end-users, technology providers, knowledge institutions and practice centers are involved in this development process.

Our living lab has its own workshop where sensors are validated, prototypes built, data processed and solutions explored. Test setups on the trial fields, greenhouses, stables or in the Food Pilot allow new or improved processes to be evaluated in practice.

With 600 employees, advanced research infrastructure and an extensive network of stakeholders, ILVO is open to all your questions.

Mechanization, automation, prototyping:
We are a multidisciplinary team with both technical and domain-specific expertise to develop, build, test and/or evaluate innovative technologies. Through our well-equipped workshop and experienced team of technicians and engineers, we can build prototypes that can then be tested in field conditions under the overall guidance of experts.

Sensor technology and data processing:
To map variability within plots of land (crop production), differences between animals within the herd (animal production) or quality differences within product flows (agri-food processing), different types of sensors can be used. These sensors generate different types of data that need to be processed in order to link it to a useful application or to provide decision support. Innovative data processing techniques are used (statistical processing methods, machine learning, deep learning, etc.) to extract useful information from the (big) data.