Living Lab Agrifood Technology

ILVO's Living Lab Agrifood Technology helps farms, companies and sectors innovate in their agri-food processes. The objective is to make horticulture, arable farming, livestock farming and food processing more sustainable and efficient. We have expertise in mechanization, automation, prototyping, sensor technology and digitalization in agri-food.


Approach of our living lab:

Typical of our approach is the cycle of design, prototype construction and practical testing that is run several times to obtain practice-relevant solutions. Demonstrations also play a role here. In order to arrive at market-ready technological innovations, relevant users, technology providers, knowledge institutes and practice centers are involved in this development process wherever possible. Tailored to your needs, we look for solutions together, within a strong network of partners while respecting full confidentiality.

Our themes


General 25/08/2022

OpsDrone workshop agro-consultants

As part of the OpsDrone project, a workshop will be organised on September 6th for agro-consultants on the possibilities and limitations of UAV and satellite platforms for variable nitrogen applicatio...
General 28/01/2022


Drone 5G
This project combines the potential of artificial intelligence with the use of camera technology for site-specific weed detection.